Welcome to STEP Cayman

Mrs Maxine Bodden TEP, Branch Chair

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the STEP Cayman Branch. Since its establishment in 1997, STEP Cayman has grown dramatically from its beginnings as a niche society for accountants and lawyers working with trusts.

One of our aims is to promote education and high professional standards among our members. We provide professional development and opportunities to network with peers at a local and international level. STEP Cayman has 328 full members and 24 student members across a range of professional backgrounds.

STEP Cayman is also outward facing – it looks beyond our members to our relationships and our reputation with the public, media and external stakeholders – we have been very active in the financial services industry of the Cayman Islands. Not only have we contributed to the various international initiatives which have been enacted in the Cayman Islands over the recent years but, where appropriate, we work with various stakeholders to ensure a collective voice. We take a leading role in explaining our members' views and expertise to the Government, the regulator and the public.

STEP Cayman works to promote and develop the Cayman Islands' wealth management industry and to discuss openly the issues surrounding trusts and wealth management from a global perspective, particularly looking at Cayman's sophistication in this area, its transparent regulatory infrastructure and the role of Cayman trust's in the global economy. With steady and dependable growth, trusts remain an important component of the financial services industry.

Following on the success of our STEP Cayman Conference International Wealth Structuring Forum held in both January 2018 and January 2019, STEP Cayman will again host the Conference 23rd-24th January 2020. We welcome you to join us.

Please feel free to explore our site, connect with us on LinkedIn and contact us, should you have any queries about the Branch, becoming a member, or any of our activities.

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